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Kindergarten at Northbourne

Kindergarten Northbourne PS

Welcome to all our Northbourne families and a special warm welcome to those students and their families who are joining our school community.

We take pride in setting high expectations of our students who are the very centre of our learning environment. All students have the opportunity to attain knowledge, skills, values and attitudes enabling them to be curious, reflective and self-motivated lifelong learners.

Kindergarten is a time for laying strong foundations for all the essential skills required for student learning, creativity, and positive relationships with teachers and their peers. Our classes operate in a flexible and responsive environment that support students to engage in hands-on learning in order to develop capabilities to achieve their personal best. 

We have high expectations of our students and pride ourselves on delivering quality targeted programs that promotes a depth of understanding across the Key Learning Areas.

Learning includes whole class, group and individual learning experiences that focus on holistic understanding of ideas and concepts, not isolated facts and skills. It focuses on the total growth of the developing child, meeting intellectual, physical and emotional needs while educating both hearts and minds.

Our learning spaces are designed to be configured in different ways to suit the learning needs of the students. Flexible learning spaces enable collaborative and social learning, integrated curriculum delivery, a mix of student-directed and teacher-directed teaching and learning, independent learning, explicit instruction, innovative and creative thinking, relationship building, and problem-solving skills.

Parents are valued as true partners in the education of their children. They influence their children's attitudes about learning, and support learning at home. Parents are a vital link between home and school and when they become involved in the life of the school, they make our schools better places to learn, grow and thrive.

At Northbourne Public School your child will be taught by dedicated and caring teachers who have a sincere and genuine enthusiasm for your child and their learning.

The Kindergarten team look forward to sharing information and developing strong relationships between home and school to help support each child’s successful transition to school.